This resource list consists of selected literary and theatrical texts, artistic works, films, essays, memoirs, significant works of criticism and historical and social scientific studies about Black health and wellbeing. The list has been designed to foreground Black British experiences of health, although a range of materials about Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas are also included. We welcome suggestions for additions to the list – please get in touch via our contact page. 

The list can be searched using any word or term. The keywords are intended to help users identify specific health experiences, illnesses or themes. The arrows at the top of the table can be used to sort the search results into alphabetical or date order.

Physicians, Colonial Racism and Diaspora in West AfricaAdell Pattonhistorydisease; medicine1996
Contagion: Colour on the Front LineAida SilvestriartCOVID-19; NHS2021
50 ProofAlison Saarartwomen's health; enslavement2012
Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical DiscriminationAlondra Nelsonhistoryhealth activism2013
Black Lives Matter: Poems for a New WorldAmbrose Musiyiwa (ed.)poetryCOVID-19; housing; police violence2020
Black Women, the Economic crisis and the British state in Black British Feminism: A Reader, ed. Heidi MirzaAmina Mamanon-fictionNHS; nursing1997
Every Light in the House Burnin'Andrea LevyfictionNHS; Ageing1994
Bodies in a Broken World: Women Novelists of Color and the Politics of MedicineAnn Folwell Stanfordliterary criticismdoctors; medicine2003
A Burst of Light and Other EssaysAudre Lordeessays/memoircancer; activism; lesbian sexuality1988
The Cancer JournalsAudre Lordememoircancer1980
Sickening Anti-Black Racism and Health Disparities in the United StatesAnne Pollocknon-fictiondisease; women's health; environment2021
Flesh to a TigerBarry Reckordplayhospital; doctors1958
First, Do No HarmBernardine EvaristoplayNHS2020
Sister’s of the Yam: Black Women and Self-Recoverybell hooksnon-fictionmental health; healing; women's health1993
Black Old Age...the Diaspora of the Senses? in Healthy and Wise: The Essential Health Handbook for Black Women, ed. Melba WilsonBeryl Gilroyessayageing1994
Frangipani HouseBeryl Gilroyfictionageing; care; hospital1986
Patient: poemsBettina Juddpoetrygynaecology2014
The Heart of the Race: Black Women's Lives in Britain Beverley Bryan, Stella Dadzie, and Suzanne Scafenon-fictionsexual and reproductive health; NHS; hospital1985
Here/ Not HereBim Ajadiplaydisability2020
Second Class CitizenBuchi Emechetafiction sexual and reproductive health 1974
I Think of My Mother: Notes on the Life and Times of Claudia JonesBuzz Johnsonautobiographyheart disease; tuberculosis; activism1984
Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans IdentityC. Riley Snortonhistorymedicine; transgender2017
I am Not Your Baby MotherCandice Braithwaitenon-fictionsexual and reproductive health; mental health; maternity2020
HushCandice Onyeamafilmdepression2016
The Black Nurse: An Endangered Species- A Case for Equal OpportunitiesCarol Baxternon-fictionnursing; NHS1988
Madness in Black Women's Diasporic Fictions: Aesethics of ResistanceCaroline A. Brown, Johanna X. K. Garvey (eds.)literary criticismmadness; mental health; women's health2017
Uncertain Suffering: Racial Health Care Disparities and Sickle Cell DiseaseCarolyn Rouse social sciencesickle cell2009
Foreigners: Three English LivesCaryl Phillipsfictionpolice violence2007
Racism: Science and Tools for the Public Health ProfessionalChandra L. Fordsocial sciencepublic health; racism2019
Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women and the Burden of StrengthChanequa Walker-Barnesnon-fictionwomen's health; obesity; diabetes; hyptertension; anxiety2014
ZikoraChimamanda Ngozi Adichiefictionsexual and reproductive health; maternity2020
SupportChristiana Ebohon-Greenfilmhospital; grief2017
Citizen: an American LyricClaudia Rankinepoetrypolice violence; mental health2014
Don't Let Me Be LonelyClaudia Rankinepoetrymental health; cancer; depression; drugs; grief; HIV/AIDS2004
The Health of UsClaudia Rankinepoetryhealth policy; drugs; doctor; ObamaCare2016
Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor's Reflections on Race and Medicine Damon Tweedymemoirdoctor; hospital; medical school2015
Don't Call Us DeadDanez SmithpoetryHIV/AIDS; police violence2017
Maybe I Don’t Belong: A Memoir Of Race, Identity, Breakdown And RecoveryDavid Harewoodmemoirmental health2021
Capturing Chronic Illness: an Online ExhibitionDareth Guthrie, Belinda Otas, Marc Thompson, Fay SummerfieldphotographyHIV/Aids; reproduction/ gynecology; chronic fatigue; organ transplant2020
Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health CareDayna Bowen Matthewsocial sciencehealth policy; institutional racism; implicit bias2015
nutdebbie tucker greenplaymental health2013
Stoning Marydebbie tucker greenplayHIV/AIDS2005
Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American GynecologyDeidre Cooper Owenshistorygynecology2017
That Reminds MeDerek Owusufictionaddiction; self-harm; mental health; care2019
Some Kind of BlackDiran Adebayofiction sickle cell1997
Donald Rodney DisplayDonald Rodneyartsickle cell 2004
Fatal InventionDorothy Roberts social sciencemedicine; genetics2011
Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction and the Meaning of LibertyDorothy Robertssocial sciencereproduction; women's health1997
The Enculturated Gene: Sickle Cell Health Politics and Biological Difference in West AfricaDuana Fullwileysocial sciencesickle cell 2011
Love in the Hospital in Tibisiri: Caribbean Writers & Critics, ed. Maggie ButcherE.A. Markhampoetryhospital; nursing1989
The Grassling: A Geological MemoirElizabeth-Jane Burnettnon-fictionageing; grief; environment2019
Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come HomeErna Brodberfiction/autobiographymental health1980
Medicine and Ethics in Black Women’s Speculative Fiction Esther L. Jonesliterary criticismmental health; madness; sexual violence; disability2015
The Black Women's Health Book: Speaking for OurselvesEvelyn C. White (ed.)essaysdisease; mental health; HIV/AIDS; sexual and reproductive health; addiction; grief; doctors; cancer; domestic violence1990
Black People and Healthcare in Contemporary BritainFemi Nzegwusocial sciencehospital; NHS; GP1993
Medicine and Colonialism in Studies in a Dying ColonialismFrantz Fanoncritical theorydoctors; hospitals; colonial medicine1965
A Bad Day for a Good Man in a Hard Job in Closure: Contemporary Black British Short StoriesFred D'Aguiarfictionmental health; nursing2015
Black Queer FreedomGerShun Avilezcultural criticismhospital; queer2020
Mad RoomGloria Swainart exhibitionmental health; healing; chronic pain2016
The Fat Black Woman's PoemsGrace Nicholspoetrymaternity1984
Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself, and the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical FutureHarriet A. Washingtonsocial sciencepharma2011
Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the PresentHarriet A. Washingtonhistorymedical experimentation; enslavement2006
White Woman Listen! Black Feminism and the Boundaries of Sisterhood in Cultures in Babylon: Black Britain and African AmericaHazel V. Carbyessaysexual and reproductive health1982
A Picture of Health: Women Photographers from the Hyman CollectionHeather Agyepongart exhibitionmental health2020
Biomedical Ambiguity: Race, Asthma, and the Contested Meaning of Genetic Research in the CaribbeanIan Whitmarshnon-fictionasthma2008
Community Care: the Black ExperienceInstitute of Race Relationsnon-fictioncare1993
Deadly Silence: Black Deaths in CustodyInstitute of Race Relationsnon-fictionpolice violence1991
TrumpetJackie Kayfictiongrief; transgender; disease1998
The Fat Lady SingsJacqueline Royfiction mental health; hospital; psychiatry; voice hearing2000
My BrotherJamaica KincaidmemoirHIV/AIDS1997
Learning in Womanist WaysJan Etiennenon-fictionageing2016
BrasJay Bernardpoetrytransgender2018
Riddym Ravings (The Mad Woman's Poem)Jean 'Binta' Breezepoetryvoice hearing1988
Black Women's Activism and Organisation in Public Health- Struggles and Strategies for Better Health and WellbeingJenny Douglassocial sciencehealth activism; sickle cell; nursing; NHS; mental health2019
The Politics of Black Women’s Health in the UK: Intersections of “Race,” Class, and Gender in Policy, Practice, and Research in Black Women in Politics: Demanding Citizenship, Challenging Power, and Seeking Justice, eds. by Julia Jordan-Zachery, Nikol Alexander-Floyd Jenny Douglassocial sciencewomen's health
Men We ReapedJesmyn Wardmemoirdeath; drugs; suicide2014
The UnbelongingJoan Rileyfictiondomestic violence; mental health1985
Waiting in the TwilightJoan Rileyfictionstroke; disability1987
Sister JosephineJoanna Traynorfiction nursing; care; hospital1997
Black and Blue: The Origins and Consequences of Medical RacismJohn Hobermanhistorymedicine; cardiology; gynecology; psychiartry2012
WilsonJohn Ogunmuyiwafilmanxiety; depression2018
Race in a Bottle: the Story of BiDil and Racialized Medicine in a Post-Genomic AgeJonathan Kahnsocial scienceheart failure; drugs2012
The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black DiseaseJonathon Metzlhistoryschizophrenia2009
Self PortraitJordan Casteelartlupus2021
Invisible Life Force of PlantsJoy Gregoryartmedicine; healing2020
Terraformed: Young Black Lives in the Inner CityJoy Whitesocial sciencepolice violence; housing2020
Health and Medicine in the circum-Caribbean, 1800-1968Juanita De Barros, Steven Paul Palmer, David Wright (eds.)historyenslavement and medicine; women's health2009
Dying in the City of the Blues Sickle Cell Anemia and the Politics of Race and HealthKeith Wailoohistorysickle cell2001
How Cancer Crossed the Color LineKeith Wailoo historycancer2011
Justice for JoyKen Farofilmpolice violence1995
Khadija Saye: in this space we breatheKhadija Sayearthealing2020
Jean Charles De Menezes Borne Aloft by Joy Gardner and Stephen LawrenceKimathi Donkorartpolice violence2010
Madonna Metropolitan: the Death of Cynthia JarrettKimathi Donkorartpolice violence2005
The Biopolitics of Feeling: Race, Sex, and Science in the Nineteenth CenturyKyla Schullerhistorygynecology; women's health2017
The Louder I Will SingLee Lawrencememoirdisablility; police violence2020
My Name is WhyLemn Sissaymemoirmental health; care2019
History in IC3: the Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain, eds. Courttia Newland, Kadija GeorgeLinda Bellosfictionageing2000
SpeechlessLinda Broganplaymutism2010
Secret Cures of Slaves: People, Plants, and Medicine in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic WorldLonda L. Schiebingerhistoryhealing; enslavement; colonial medicine; experimentation2017
Some Nights I Don't Sleep in Tibisiri: Caribbean Writers & Critics ed. Maggie ButcherLorna Goodisonpoetryinsomnia1989
Breathing Race into the Machine: the Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to GeneticsLundy Braunhistorylung capacity; medical practice2014
The Little MiraclesMalika Bookerpoetrystroke2020
Gender Scripts in Medicine and NarrativeMarcelline Block, Angela Laflen (eds.)essaysreproduction; women's health2010
Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many LandsMary Seacoleautobiographynursing 1857
Little Miss BurdenMatilda Ibiniplaydisability2019
HysteriaMaud Sulterphotographywomen's health; mental health1991
Healthy and Wise: The Essential Health Handbook for Black WomenMelba Wilsonnon-fictioncancer; sickle cell; HIV/AIDS; women's health; domestic violence1994
Nine NightNatasha Gordonplaygrief; death2018
The Body BeautifulNgozi Onwurahfilmcancer1990
MedicineOmikemiplayracial medicine2020
The Terror and the Time: Banal Violence and Trauma in Caribbean DiscoursePaula Morgannon-fictionageing; alzheimer's; drugs2014
What If I Told YouPauline Mayerstheatremedical experimentation2017
Medicalizing Blackness: Making Racial Difference in the Atlantic World, 1780-1840Rana A. Hogarthhistoryracial medicine; enslavement2017
The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksRebecca Sklootnon-fictioncancer; gynecology; 2010
Watchers & Seekers: Creative Writing by Black Women in BritainRhonda Cobham, Merle Collins (eds.)poetrymaternity; women's health1987
GroundingRM Mosesfilmanxiety2020
Contagious Communities: Medicine, Migration and the NHS in post-war BritainRoberta BivinshistoryNHS2015
A Portable Paradise, poems 'Grace', 'On Nurses', 'Prayer', 'Shandilay Bush'Roger Robinsonpoetrymidwifery; nursing; medicine2019
Health Issues in the Black CommunityRonald L. Braithwaite, Sandra E. Taylor, Henrie M. Treadwell (eds.)essaysdisease; mental health; inequality; 2009
The Healing Next TimeRoy McFarlane poetrypolice violence2018
Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat PhobiaSabrina Stringshistoryobesity2019
The Colour of Madness: Exploring Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Mental Health in the UKSamara Linton, Rianna Walcott (eds.)anthologymental health 2018
Bodyminds Reimagined: (Dis)ability, Race, and Gender in Black Women’s Speculative FictionSami Schalkliterary criticismdisability 2018
Infectious Fear: Politics, Disease, and the Health Effects of SegregationSamuel Kelton Roberts Jr.historytuberculosis2009
Difference and Pathology: Stereotypes of Sexuality, Race, and MadnessSander L. Gilmanhistorypsychology; mental illness1985
Race in Contemporary MedicineSander L. Gilmansocial sciencemedicine; genetics2014
Free People’s Medical ClinicSimone Leighart exhibitionwomen's health; nursing2014
The Waiting RoomSimone Leighart exhibitionpolice violence; therapy; healing2016
Untitled (M*A*S*H)Simone Leighfilmnursing; war2018
A Kick in the Belly: Women, Slavery and ResistanceStella Dadziehistoryenslavement and medicine; women's health2020
Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat: A Story of BulimiaStephanie Covington Armstrongmemoirbulimia2009
Black Women's Mental Health: Balancing Strength and Vulnerability Stephanie Y. Evans, Kanika Bell, Nsenga K. Burton (eds.)essayswomen's health; mental health2017
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Black Women's Health Activism in America,1890-1550Susan L. Smithhistorymidwifery; nursing; activism; public health2010
Tales from the Front LineTalawa Theatre CompanyfilmCOVID-192021
Behind the Mask of the Strong Black Woman: Voice and the Embodiment of a Costly PerformanceTamara Beauboeuf-Lafontantsocial sciencemental health; women's health2009
Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting: Real Talk For When There's Nowhere To Go But UpTerrie Williamsnon-fictiondepression2009
Black Madness: Mad BlacknessTheri A. Pickensliterary criticismdisability; mental health; madness2019
This Mournable BodyTsitsi Dangarembgafictiondepression; anxiety2018
Abstract PeacesTsoku Maelaartdepression2015
PocomaniaUna Marsonplaymental health1938
Borrowed BodyValerie Mason-Johnfiction/memoiraddiction; care2005
Between Stolen BreathsVanessa Damilola Macaulayessayasthma; COVID-192020
Making a Place for Ourselves: The Black Hospital Movement, 1920-1945Vanessa Northington Gamblehistoryhospital1995
HomestretchVelma Pollardfiction ageing1994
The Health of Negroes in the Philadelphia NegroW.E.B DuBoissocial scienceracism; disease; social environment1899
Cancer of the Uterus (and various other works)Wangechi Mutuartwomen's health; cancer2005
Leave TakingWinsome Pinnockplayhealing1987
for all the women who thought they were MadZawe Ashtonplaymental health; women's health2019
Perceiving Pain in African LiteratureZoe Norridgeliterary criticismchronic pain2013
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